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Service is our SUCCESS since 2012
Our guests tell us succinctly JAE (Tsche).
Careful: we are a frivolous bar, where sexually charged evenings are very often
We say, on holiday, every evening should be a party, not just special highlights.

We do not like to see critical whiners as our guests, because people are on vacation - so be relaxed and relaxed, and do not forget you are in the south of Europe, the clocks tick differently. Every evening we try very hard to give you a great time, but you make the party, we the ambience.
A very important tip: be friendly and kind to us and our crew, because everyone loves to be treated with respect, and nice words and a request and thanks has never done any harm.

- How do you find us? see: Homepage "Directions" by Jae1 Frivole Swinger Bar
- open every evening in all weather, rain, cold and wind protected (heated)
- open Monday to Sunday from 21.00 h in the months of May, June, July, August, from 1.9. is already open from 20.00.

The following topics are evenings with us:

Sunday is Relax or Power
Monday is Active and Joyler getting to know the evening
Tuesday is Ladies Night (free cocktail for ladies, see evening description)
Wednesday is Black and White
Thursday is Ibiza Beach Party
Friday is our legendary Prosecco Night
Saturday are our themed evenings depending on the program

- The Swingercruise dates can be found under "Personal Event Calendar" "Events of Jae1 Private Swingers"

This year we open the season 2019 with the 1.5. until 29.9. 2019

we do not celebrate with you every EVENING party every evening is registered.
Our motto is: SPONTANEOUS is the BEST

Since we are allowed to name our guests very many nations, but they do not know the joyclub and do not use it, the entries here are for the one that you may already have placed your own dates, we see this as a service for the users of the joyclub. Therefore, the registered persons are never identical with our actual number of visitors.

Welcome to us:
Everyone - mix and swinger,
That means: sipping on a cozy cocktail or drinking a cozy glass of wine,
Swingers newbies, voyeurs, exhibitionists,
Hardcore Swinger, Bi Sexual, or ......
Everyone should settle down with us,
therefore, of course, a NO is a NO - and a lady is always a princess

We pay cashless, that means you buy your drinks coupons at the entrance.

Jae1 Frivolous Swinger Bar
and Homepage "Admission with Coupon System" by Jae1 Frivole Swinger Bar

Drinks coupons are available at our entrance,

Towels, sheets are available at the cash desk. (Many of our guests also bring their own towels)
Please bring your own towels as a seat pad,
Condoms for a fee.

Music: If you do not like the music that much, say no problem or write down the title of the song or artist, our crew will endeavor to play this song if it fits, but considering we have a far flattered international audience and not everyone can Everything fell, but as already mentioned you have holidays and see it all easy.
Volume, this was given to us exactly and can not be exceeded.

Please be sure to pay attention to the dress code, - you can dress up with us - we have a certain number of lockers, allowed and gladly seen as a dress code: erotic, sexy, fetish, summery but not too short pants, Bermuda by the man and a shirt okay, depending on the weather sometimes well-groomed old-school clothes is absolutely okay with us in the bar, everyone should put on what he is comfortable, and we do not want someone blaspheming about other clothes or even writes in a review.

The Jae1 team is looking forward to your visit and wishes you a great unforgettable evening, should you have any wishes - a special party - birthday or something like that.
Do you have ideas that you like to tell us, we are always open to you, do not be afraid to bring any complaints directly to us.

"Add us as a favorite club, so you get all the information"

our group: Jae1Lounge

Attention IMPORTANT: Also visit our alp in the mountains of Salzburg Rustika-Alm the 2.11. Celebrate their last party in 2019.

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