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Everything about the lounge:                     Dates-Dance-Fun

Next to the city of Rovinj is our Jae1Lounge, just 1km away from the famous swinger fkk beach

We are opened from 1.May until first weekend of octobre - every day!

Sometimes we have some special events, so it may happen that there are only invited guests allowed to enter.

The lounge is for everybody, it don´t matter if youre straight, gay, single, couple, swinger or not. The Lounge should be a place for everyone. You can have a nice relaxing evening or the party of your life!

Outdoor is a big terrace with bar, loungechairs, table dance, shower and a big darkroom with a big lying area, glory hole and lot more
Indoor is a big bar with table dance and finest furniture, shower (warm water), darkroom, wardrobe, massage table and lot more

In the lounge you dont need money, we have a cashless coupon system.
1 Coupon = 1 Drink. Coupons you can buy at the entrance.

The history of Jae1 Lounge, the place for DATES - Dance & Fun.

We - Jae and Gerry - saw this wonderful place and crazy as we are, we opened a swinger club :)!

So what kind of place do we want to have?

We want to be a swinger club in the conventional way, but also a lounge with an relaxing ambiente. We built a combination between the bars in Cap d'Agde (Southern France) and the Austrian service. We know Cap d'Agde since years and we know how the people like these places.

About us:

I "Gerry" was trained as a caterer and work in some good restaurants for 24 years. My work in the catering took me around the world , for example i worked as a bartender on 5 star cruise ships.

Since 1997 I work in the adult industry, and since 2008, my wife and me operate with our label Jae1 in erotic business around the world. A mix of bar and club has always been a long awaited dream of us! We in swinger scene since years and with this lounge we want create a beautiful place with our own preferences and ideas.

Jae is a national Thai who has worked in restaurants in Bangkok, until i took her with me working as a secretary. In 2003 we got married and settled down in Austria´s Mountains.

Jae was well known as an erotic photographer. In 2008, we decided to start our own label "JAE1" and from then Jae is working as a real life amateur porn actress. After two awards for Best Actress in category "Reality Life" Jae is already known in many TV stations. Meanwhile, several reports have already been aired on some of major German and Austrian main channels.

with best regards
Gerry and Jae